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CGAI Fellows consistently appear across Canadian and international media outlets to discuss a wide variety of issues pertaining to their individual areas of expertise. Below is a list of the most recent media appearances by CGAI Fellows.

2021 Articles

NATO grapples with grasping China’s transportation clout in Europe by Sebastian Sprenger (feat. Julian Lindley-French), DefenseNews, March 4, 2021

Canada could be shut out of Biden’s $2-trillion infrastructure spending plans, Canadian negotiator warns by Jesse Snyder (feat. Lawrence Herman), Kingston This Week, March 4, 2021

Would giving this man Canadian citizenship help him – or make his life in a Saudi jail even worse? by Douglas Quan (feat. Thomas Juneau), Toronto Star, March 3, 2021

China Doubles the Number of its Protected Animals by Dan Southerland (feat. John Gruetzner), Radio Free Asia, March 3, 2021

Saudi Arabia’s shadowy power struggles playing out on Canadian soil by Tyler Dawson (feat. Thomas Juneau), Kingston This Week, March 2, 2021

One Year After Closing, US-Canada Border Remains Closed by Craig McCulloch (feat. Laurie Trautman), VOA, March 2, 2021

Threat assessments up to date for 90 per cent of missions, with the rest ‘on track’ to be done by March, says Global Affairs by Samatha Wright Allen (feat. Roy Norton and Colin Robertson), The Hill Times, March 2, 2021

MPs, experts reeling following Vance allegations, McDonald’s voluntary departure from top military post by Mike Lapointe (feat. Ross Fetterly and Charlotte Duval-Lantoine), The Hill Times, March 1, 2021

Trudeau says Canada-U.S. relations need to rebuild. Just how bad did it get with Trump? by Mark Gollom (feat. Colin Robertson), CBC News, February 28, 2021

Canada sighs with relief after Biden, Trudeau meeting by David M. Shrubman (feat. Colin Robertson), Pittsburg Post-Gazette, February 28, 2021

No Hoax: Fighting COVID-19 has meant tackling conspiracy theories, even within families by Stewart Bell (feat. Kyle Matthews), Global News, February 27, 2021

Canada’s new frigate is getting heavier and more expansive by David B. Larter (feat. Timothy Choi), DefenseNews, February 26, 2021

Sansha City, l’étrange ville-champignon stratégique de Pékin en mer de Chine (Sansha City, Beijing’s odd mushroom-city in South China Sea) par/by Céline Deluzarche (feat. Stephen Nagy), korii, February 26, 2021

Makers of next-generation fighter jets tout economic benefits as Ottawa readies COVID-19 stimulus plans by Jesse Snyder (feat. David Perry), National Post, February 26, 2021

Two top military leaders are being investigated. Will that be enough for Canada to finally create an independent observer? by Jacques Gallant (feat. Charlotte Duval-Lantoine), Toronto Star, February 26, 2021

Threats against Dr. Bonnie Henry ‘unacceptable,’ B.C. health minister says by CBC News (feat. Heidi Tworek), CBC News, February 25, 2021

Canadian military facing ‘crisis’ amid probes into top leaders by Amanda Connolly (feat. David Perry), Global News, February 25 2021

PBO says mixed frigate fleet and other designs offer cheaper options to navy program by Murray Brewster (feat. David Perry), CBC News, February 24 2021

A reset in U.S.-Canadian relations by Robyn Breshanan (feat. Sarah Goldfeder), CBC Listen, February 24 2021

Arbitrary detention declaration is a ‘good start,’ but questions loom about impact by Neil Moss (feat. Ferry de Kerckhove and Patricia Fortier), The Hill Times, February 24 2021

Conspiracists fantasizing Dr. Henry’s execution part of troubling trend, experts say by Kelvin Gawley (feat. Heidi Tworek), City News, February 24 2021

Former senior military leaders express ‘deep concerns’ after Vance allegations by Amanda Connolly (feat. Mike Day), Global News, February 24 2021

Takeaways from the Trudeau-Biden virtual hangout by Maura Forrest (feat. Sarah Goldfeder), Politico, February 24 2021

What is happening in Myanmar? by Rob Breakenridge (feat. James Trottier), Global News Radio, February 23 2021

Biden-Trudeau talks on Tuesday seek to ease strained relations by Justin Sink and Theophilos (feat. Sarah Goldfeder), BNN Bloomberg, February 23 2021

Trudeau, Biden likely to talk Buy American, China in 1st bilateral meeting today by James McCarten (feat. Eric Miller), Global News, February 23 2021

Foreign diplomats amongst those exempt from the mandatory hotel quarantine by Richard Raycraft and Olivia Stefanovich (feat. Sarah Goldfeder), CBC News, February 23 2021

Price tag on frigate replacements to be built in Halifax could hit $80 billion: analyst by Chris Lambie (feat. David Perry), The Chronicle Herald, February 23 2021

Canada needs to investigate Saudi dissident’s mysterious return to homeland, critics say by Douglas Quan, Alex Boutilier, and Nadine Yousif (feat. Kyle Matthews), Toronto Star, February 23 2021

Tensions grow over Buy American provisions by CTV News (feat. Colin Robertson), CTV News, February 22 2021

Feds urged to create body to monitor military’s handling of sexual misconduct by Lee Berthiaume (feat. Charlotte Duval-Lantoine), City News, February 22 2021

Some watch B.C.’s COVID-19 briefings ‘religiously.’ Others have tuned out by Alex Midgal (feat. Heidi Tworek), CBC News, February 22 2021

Nova Scotia shipbuilding program seeks to draw marginalized groups into industry by Danielle Edwards (feat. Jeffrey Collins), Global News, February 21, 2021

Texas deep freeze the latest jolt as volatile oil markets markets recover from 2020 by Tony Seskus (feat. Kevin Birn), CBC News, February 20, 2021

Health professionals cautiously optimistic as B.C.’s COVID-19 vaccination program begins in earnest by Justin McElroy (feat. Heidi Tworek), CBC News, February 18, 2021

Doug Ford met with 7-Eleven executive at company’s Texas HQ by Mike Crawley (feat. Eric Miller), CBC News, February 18, 2021

Davie shipyard funding more equitable since 2015, but long-term contracts needed for stability, say experts by Neil Moss (feat. Tim Choi and Jeffrey Collins), The Hill Times, February 17, 2021

Canadian NGO calls on Ottawa to cancel purchase of Israeli drone by Levon Sevunts (feat. Tim Choi), Radio Canada International, February 16, 2021

Pénurie de milliers de soldars au Canada en raison de la pandémie par Stéphane Parent (avec David Perry), Radio Canada International, February 16, 2021

Canada’s military lacking thousands of troops as COVID-19 hits recruitment, training by Lee Berthiaume (feat. David Perry), Global News, February 15, 2021

Le Canada et ses alliés proposent une déclaration contre les détentions arbitraires (Canada and allies suggests a declaration against arbitrary detentions) par/by La Presse canadienne (feat. Ferry de Kerckhove), Radio Canada, February 15, 2021

‘Document dump’ of thousands of pages reveals federal government’s behind-the-scenes scramble on COVID-19 by Tonda MacCharles (feat. Sarah Goldfeder), Toronto Star, February 14, 2021

It will be at least a decade before Canada sees any of its new frigates by Murray Brewster (feat. David Perry), CBC News, February 13, 2021

Canada’s ‘undeclared’ foreign policy needs more focus: former diplomat by Mike Le Couteur (feat. Randolph Mank and Colin Robertson), Global News, February 12, 2021

Cattlemen’s Association continues to explore new markets for exports by Kenny Trenton (feat. Fawn Jackson), KIX FM 106, February 12, 2021

Government missed out on an offer of N95 masks at the start of the pandemic: documents by John Paul Tasker (feat. Sarah Goldfeder), CBC News, February 12, 2021

Pacific islands’ alliance – how China is using rifts to its advantage by Julian Ryall (feat. Stephen Nagy), Deutsche Welle, February 11, 2021

A flood of new SpaceX satellites has started a fight over space pollution by Tim Fernholz (feat. Charity Weeden), Quartz, February 11, 2021

Saudi Arabia’s release of a prominent activist shows Mohammed bin Salman knows his blank check from the US is over by Bill Bostock (feat. Thomas Juneau), Business Insider, February 11, 2021

Imperial, Suncor make contingency plans despite ‘low probability’ of Line 5 shutdown by Dan Healing (feat. Dennis McConaghy), Global News, February 11, 2021

Jason Kenney doit s’attaquer plus fermement aux antivaccins, selon des experts (Jason Kenney has to be more firm against antivaxxers, according to experts) par/by Audrey Neuveu (feat. Jean-Christophe Boucher), ICI Alberta, February 10, 2021

Vaccination : des chercheurs offriront des bulletins sur la désinformation en ligne (Vaccination: researchers will offer newsletters on online disinformation) par/by François Joly (feat. Jean-Christophe Boucher), ICI Alberta, February 10, 2021

China oil giant CNOOC beats Canadians in oil sands emission cuts by Robert Tuttle (feat. Kevin Birn), BNN Bloomberg, February 10, 2021

Remorse a factor in hate speech charges not being laid after shooting of Colten Boushie: document by The Canadian Press (feat. Kelly Sundberg), CBC News, February 10, 2021

Why GM’s switch to electric vehicles may be more important for the oilpatch than Keystone XL’s cancellation by Tony Seskus (feat. Brian Kingston), CBC News, February 10, 2021

Crude-by-rail stages comeback as oilsands production recovers – and grows by Chris Varcoe (feat. Kevin Birn), Calgary Herald, February 10, 2021

New NORAD Warfare Strategies and Canada’s Role in the Great Game Revisited by Matthew Ehret (feat. Andrea Charron), Strategic Culture Foundation, February 9, 2021

Vaccine delays: Canada mulling over options if Europe blocks vaccine exports by Anita Sharma (feat. Colin Robertson), CTV News, February 8, 2021

TransMountain expansion resumes after long shutdown by David Thurton (feat. Dennis McConaghy), CBC News, February 8, 2021

The fall of Jason Kenney >by Bruce Livesey (feat. Hugh Segal), National Observer, February 8, 2021

Nucléaire iranien : le temps presse pour tous les acteurs (Iranian nuclear: time presses all actors) par/by Valérie Leroux (feat. Benjamin Hautecouverture), L’Orient-Le Jour, February 6, 2021

Une lutte entre diplomatie et nationalisme vaccinal (A struggle between vaccine diplomacy and nationalism) par/by Stéphane Baillargeon (feat. Andrew Caddell), Le Devoir, February 6, 2021

NORAD modernization to dominate agenda of Canada-U.S. defence relations, experts say by Levon Sevunts (feat. Andrea Charron), Radio-Canada International, February 5, 2021

Ottawa will continue online citizenship tests after success of pilot program by Nicholas Keung (feat. Andrew Griffith), Toronto Star, February 5, 2021

Why there’s now a push to secure the future of Enbridge’s Line 5 pipeline by Elise von Scheel (feat. Kelly Ogle), CBC News, February 5, 2021

Military police say they are opening an investigation into Vance allegation by Mercedes Stephenson, Marc-André Cossette, and Amanda Connolly (feat. David Perry), Global News, February 4, 2021

Acquittal of Halifax man shows Canada’s economic sanctions are just ‘paper tigers,’ expert says by Alexander Quon (feat. Michael Nesbitt), Global News, February 4, 2021

Navy needs to prepare for tough talks over warship delays, cost increases: Norman by Lee Berthiaume (feat. Mark Norman), Global News, February 3, 2021

Feds need to spotlight North American integration to gain exemption from Biden’s protectionist Buy American measures, say experts by Neil Moss (feat. Sarah Goldfeder), The Hill Times, February 3, 2021

Express entry economic immigration timelines a ‘joke,’ say lawyers as processing times increase by Samantha Wright Allen (feat. Andrew Griffith), The Hill Times, February 3, 2021

Thunder Bay hospital halts interviews temporarily during pandemic by Jeff Walters (feat. Chris Waddell), CBC News, February 3, 2021

National Defence grappling with new delay in $60B warship project by Lee Berthiaume (feat. David Perry), CTV News, February 2, 2021

Military and vets stormed Capitol. Should they get special treatment? by Anna Mulrine Grobe (feat. Lindsay Rodman), The Christian Science Monitor, February 2, 2021

Argument for TMX ‘even stronger’ after KXL permit revoked: minister of natural resources by Stephanie Thomas (feat. Kevin Birn), CTV News, January 31, 2021

Canada-U.S. Border reopens far away, changes could persist, border expert says by Emma Jacobs (feat. Laurie Trautman), FR24 News, January 30, 2021

Kenney’s comments on Keystone XL won’t hobble Ottawa’s negotiations on other bilateral files, say experts by Palak Mangat (feat. Sarah Goldfeder), The Hill Times, January 29, 2021

Military justice system at crossroads as court hears case on judges’ independence by Lee Berthiaume (feat. Tim Dunne), CBC News, January 28, 2021

Woman assaulted, robbed while jogging near UBC: RCMP by Lisa Steacy (feat. Kelly Sundberg), News 1130, January 28, 2021

EU health official says vaccine exports to Canada will not be blocked by Mike Blanchfield (feat. Lawrence Herman), National Observer, January 28, 2021

‘It’s a big threat’: U.S. aims to shut down another cross-border pipeline – Line 5 to Ontario by Jesse Snyder (feat. Sarah Goldfeder), Kingston This Week, January 28, 2021

Analysts see hope in Biden executive order for B.C.-Washington trade and connections by Derrick Penner (feat. Laurie Trautman), Vancouver Sun, January 27, 2021

Trudeau government looks to continental energy strategy in wake of Keystone cancellation by Elise von Scheel (feat. Heidi Tworek), CBC News, January 27, 2021

Plan to rebuild defence early-warning system means political, fiscal headaches for Trudeau government by Murray Brewster (feat. James Fergusson), CBC News, January 26, 2021

President Biden’s Buy American Executive Order by CBC Ottawa Morning (feat. Sarah Goldfeder), Earnscliffe, January 26, 2021

Calgary consumer questions SkipTheDishes security after ‘account takeover’ by Tomasia DaSilva (feat. Tom Keenan), Global News, January 26, 2021

“Unity”: Biden’s message for America by Hadassah Alencar (feat. Sarah Goldfeder), The Concordian, January 25, 2021

Why China Plans to Place Its Super Offshore Oil Rig in a Disputed Sea by Ralph Jennings (feat. Stephen Nagy), VOA, January 25, 2021

The Law Bytes Podcast, Episode 74: Heidi Tworek on the Challenges of Internet Platform Regulation by Michael Geist (feat. Heidi Tworek), Law Bytes, January 25, 2021

Why the pro-Trump QAnon movement is finding followers in Japan by Julian Ryall (feat. Stephen Nagy), DW, January 25, 2021

Biden’s ‘Buy American’ Plan Eyed Warily by Other Countries by Yuka Hayashi (feat. Colin Robertson), The Wall Street Journal, January 24, 2021

Lack of transparency about Manitoba’s vaccine eligibility plan erodes public trust: health experts by Cameron MacLean (avec Heidi Tworek), CBC News, January 24, 2021

Le manque de transparence sur la vaccination érode la confiance des Manitobains par Radio-Canada (avec Heidi Tworek), Radio-Canada, January 24, 2021

Parliament resumes amid heightened political pressure on pandemic, vaccines by Kristy Kirkup (feat. Peter Donolo), The Globe and Mail, January 24, 2021

Biden et l’Europe face à l’Iran (Biden and Europe against Iran) par/by Christine Ockrent (avec/feat. Benjamin Hautecouverture), France Culture, January 23, 2021

Threats of a trade fight won’t work – only jobs offer a ‘faint hope’ for Keystone XL by Chris Varcoe (feat. Colin Robertson), Calgary Herald, January 23, 2021

How political symbolism brought down Keystone XL by Aaron Wherry (feat. Colin Robertson), CBC News, January 23, 2021

Tokyo seeks US vow of support in East China Sea, as dispute with Beijing heats up by Julian Ryall (feat. Stephen Nagy), South China Morning Post, January 22, 2021

Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan Resolve A 30-Year Dispute Over Caspian Field by Bruce Pannier (feat. Robert Cutler), Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty, January 22, 2021

Ottawa should focus on TransMountain with Keystone XL cancelled: Former TC exec by Arturo Chang (feat. Dennis McConnaghy), BNN Bloomberg, January 21, 2021

White House sends a message about foreign policy in announcing Biden call with Trudeau by Alexander Panetta (feat. Eric Miller), CBC News, January 21, 2021

Gov. Gen. Julie Payette steps down in wake of damning report alleging workplace harassment by Tonda MacCharles (feat. Peter Donolo), Toronto Star, January 21, 2021

Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan to resolve Caspian energy dispute by AFP (feat. Robert Cutler), IPOT News, January 21, 2021

Trump’s legacy leaves Arctic with fewer environmental protections and more risk of conflict, say experts by John Last (feat. Rob Huebert and Andrea Charron), CBC News, January 21, 2021

L’administration Biden ne sera pas une panacée pour l’économie canadienne (The Biden administration will not be a panacea for the Canadian economy) par/by Philippe de Montigny (avec/feat. Lawrence Herman), CBC News, January 21, 2021

Garneau’s new foreign affairs post centres on his American links and steady hands, say analysts by Neil Moss (feat. Jocelyn Coulon), The Hill Times, January 20, 2021

Biden’s push for EV revolution is a ‘win’ for Canada: Policy Analyst by BNN Bloomberg (feat. Eric Miller), BNN Bloomberg, January 20, 2021

New US Arctic strategies ignore climate risks in focus on geopolitics, experts say by Melody Schreiber (feat. Tim Choi), Arctic Today, January 20, 2021

From Alberta’s oilsands to tariffs, how Biden’s presidency could change Canada by Graham Slaughter, Ryan Flanagan, and Rachel Aiello (feat. Sarah Goldfeder, Stephen Saideman, and Laurie Trautman), CTV News, January 20, 2021

Challenges ahead despite major shift in Canada-U.S. relations under President Biden: expert by Cormac Mac Sweeney and Kathryn Tindale (feat. Colin Robertson), News 1130, January 20, 2021

What Canada can expect from Joe Biden: Former Canadian Diplomat to U.S. shares his view of post-Trump era by Ahmar Khan (feat. Colin Robertson), Yahoo News, January 20, 2021

Canada mounts final plea for Keystone XL, as prospects dim for Alberta’s investment by Chris Varcoe (feat. Colin Robertson), Calgary Herald, January 20, 2021

How Biden’s Made-in-America plan could impact Canadian companies by Brett Bundale (feat. Colin Robertson), BNN Bloomberg, January 20, 2021

Trudeau should lead with shared interests in Biden agenda: Former Canadian diplomat by BNN Bloomberg (feat. Colin Robertson), BNN Bloomberg, January 19, 2021

Biden’s plan to cancel Keystone pipeline signals a rocky start with Canada by Amanda Coletta (feat. Eric Miller), Washington Post, January 19, 2021

The road ahead for Biden’s unnamed ambassador to Canada by Charlie Pinkerton (feat. Eric Miller), iPolitics, January 19, 2021

Trump’s political legacy: How will the U.S. president be remembered? by Meredith MacLeod (feat. Sarah Goldfeder), CTV News, January 19, 2021

Alberta urges Trudeau to press Biden, save Keystone XL pipeline by Reuters (feat. Dennis McConaghy), BOE Report, January 19, 2021

Canadian Conservatives reckon with fallout from Capitol Hill riot by Maura Forrest (feat. Peter Donolo), Politico, January 18, 2021

Cancelled Keystone XL pipeline expansion won’t lessen oil dependency, experts say by The Canadian Press (feat. Dennis McConaghy), Toronto Star, January 18, 2021

An outright ‘No’: Biden Day 1 Keystone XL kibosh bodes ill for Canada-U.S. ties by James McCarten (feat. Eric Miller), CTV News, January 18, 2021

Biden indicates plans to cancel Keystone XL pipeline permit on 1st day in office, sources confirm by Kyle Bakx (feat. Dennis McConaghy), CBC News, January 17, 2021

It’s cold, it’s dark, we’re tired. Canada, meet the COVID-19 wall by Alex Boyd (feat. Heidi Tworek), Toronto Star, January 17, 2021

Canada’s pipeline capacity woes slashed at least $14 billion from oil producers’ bottom line by Deborah Jaremko (feat. Kevin Birn), Energy Now, January 16, 2021

Project Syndicate Commentators’ Predictions for 2021 by Project Syndicate (feat. Robert Muggah), The Washington Diplomat, January 16, 2021

Minding the gap by CBA National (feat. Lawrence Herman), National Magazine, January 15, 2021

Russia Elevates Importance of Northern Fleet Upgrading it to Military District Status by Malte Humpert (feat. Rob Huebert), High North News, January 13, 2021

NCC proposal for new embassy row could boost diplomatic presence away from the Hill by Neil Moss (feat. Colin Robertson and Roy Norton), The Hill Times, January 13, 2021

La lutte aux changements climatiques polarise les Canadiens (The fight against climate change polarizes Canadians) par/by Ericka Muzzo (feat. Monica Gattinger), La voix du Nord, January 13, 2021

What you should know about Canada’s new top diplomat by Lauren Gardner (feat. Colin Robertson), Politico, January 12, 2021

U.S. and Canada announce COVID-19 border closure extended until at least Feb. 21 by David Rasbach (feat. Laurie Trautman), The Olympian, January 12, 2021

Trumpism in Canada by Global News Morning BC (feat. Peter Donolo), Global News, January 12, 2021

How the Keystone XL pipeline could – just maybe – find a path forward under Joe Biden by Tony Seskus (feat. Dennis McConaghy), CBC, January 12, 2021

Canada’s mission in Iraq at a crossroads as ISIS deadlines, new threats emerge by Lee Berthiaume (feat. Thomas Juneau), CTV News, January 10, 2021

Why the Pentagon Remains a Battlefield for Women by Courtney Mabeus (feat. Lindsay Rodman), Foreign Policy, January 10, 2021

Most new Order of Canada appointees are white men, despite diversity-boosting efforts by Kathleen Harris (feat. Andrew Griffith), CBC, January 10, 2021

Marc Garneau succède à François-Philippe Champagne aux Affaires étrangères (Marc Garneau succeeds François-Philippe Champagne at Global Affairs) par/by Richard Martineau (avec/feat. Jocelyn Coulon), TVA Nouvelles, January 10, 2021

As American aftershocks persist, Trudeau says riot ‘incited by current president’ by Canadian Press (feat. Eric Miller and Colin Robertson), Halifax Today, January 8, 2021

New U.S. Arctic strategy focused on ‘day-to-day competition’ with Russia and China by Levon Sevunts (feat. Rob Huebert), Eye on the Arctic, January 7, 2021

The role of social media in civil unrest by Jo Horwood (feat. Tom Keenan), City News, January 7, 2021

What the Democrats’ crucial Senate-runoff victories mean for Canada by Charlie Pinkerton (feat. Colin Robertson), iPolitics, January 7, 2021

President elect Joe Biden’s work will be easier thanks to Senate wins by Ryan Tumilty (feat. Eric Miller), National Post, January 7, 2021

Feds pushed to support Taiwan’s entry into CPTPP deal by Sean Pratt (feat. Fawn Jackson), The Western Producer, January 7, 2021

New U.S. Strategic Blueprint For A Blue Arctic Is No Revolution by Xavier Vavasseur (feat. Timothy Choi), Naval News, January 7, 2021

Kenney pushes for Keystone XL, but acknowledges ‘significant writedown’ looms if Biden rejects pipeline by Chris Varcoe (feat. Kevin Birn), Calgary Herald, January 6, 2021

China Wants to Invest in the Arctic. Why Doesn’t Canada? by Gloria Dickie (feat. Adam Lajeunesse), The Walrus, January 5, 2021

Nucléaire iranien : « c’est une posture très ferme pour que Joe Biden accepte de suspendre ou geler les sanctions » (Iranian nuclear: “it is a very firm position for Joe Biden to accept to suspend or freeze sanctions”) par/by Kadiatou Sakho (feat. Benjamin Hautecouverture), Libération, January 5, 2021

L’Iran annonce la reprise de l’enrichissement à 20% de l’uranium (Iran announces resumption of 20% uranium enrichment) par/by Carole Vinet (feat. Benjamin Hautecouverture), La Croix, January 5, 2021

U.S. calls on Iran to release South Korean tanker by Gustaf Kilander & Borzou Daraghi (feat. Thomas Juneau), The Independent, January 5, 2021

The Trans Mountain project faces a year of challenges and opportunities by David Thurton (feat. Dennis McConaghy), CBC, January 4, 2021

How the Georgia Senate runoff could impact Canada by Caryn Ceolin (feat. Sarah Goldfeder), CityNews, January 4, 2021

Alberta oil sands will be focused on financial discipline, free cash flow: IHS Markit by Kevin M. Baerson (feat. Kevin Birn), BNN Bloomberg, January 4, 2021

Canada’s New Drone Can Better Surveil Its Challenging Arctic Environment by Kevin M. Baerson (feat. Timothy Choi), Inside Unmanned Systems, January 4, 2021

Japan to play placeholder role in Asia as Biden gets his house in order by Jesse Johnson and Satoshi Sagiyama (feat. Stephen Nagy), The Japan Times, January 1, 2021


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