Dr. James Fergusson is a Professor in the Department of Political Studies, and Deputy Director of the Centre for Defence and Security Studies. He teaches a range of courses in the fields of international relations, strategic studies, Canada-US defence relations, and Canadian Foreign and Defence Policy. His recent publications include Andrea Charron and James Fergusson. From NORAD to NOR[A]D: The Future of North American Defence Cooperation. Calgary: Canadian Global Affairs Institute. May, 2018; Andrea Charron and James Fergusson. Canada and Defence Against Help: The Wrong Theory for the Wrong Country at the Wrong Time. Canadian Defence. Eds. Thomas Juneau and Phillipe Lagasse. (Andrea Charron and James Fergusson. Beyond NORAD and the Modernization of North American Defence. Canadian Global Affairs Institute. May, 2017. Andrea Charron and James Fergusson. Left of Bang: NORAD’s Maritime Warning Mission (2014), and NORAD in Perpetuity. Winnipeg: Centre for Defence and Security Studies. 2016. Perceptions of Muslim Faith, Ethno-Cultural Community Based and Student Organizations in Countering Domestic Terrorism in Canada, with Kawser Ahmed; “Ballistic Missile Defence: NATO’s European Phased Adaptive Approach” Atlantisch Perspectief. 4: 2013; “The Right Debate: Airpower, the Future of War, Canada’s Strategic Interests and the F-35 Decision.” Canadian Foreign Policy Journal, Winter 2012; and Canada and Ballistic Missile Defence 1954-2009: Déjà vu all over again, Canadian War Museum Military History Series. Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press, 2010.

In addition to his academic publications, Dr Fergusson has been commissioned to write several reports for the Department of National Defence and the Department of Foreign Affairs. He lectures to a wide range of military audiences, including the Canadian Forces Barker College. Dr. Fergusson has testified on several occasions to the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade, the Standing Committee on National Defence, most recently on North Korea and Canadian Defence, and the Senate Standing Committee on National Security on missile defence. He recently completed a ten year appointment to the Defence Science Advisory Board, and a six year position as Honorary Colonel of the Canadian Forces School of Aerospace Studies. He is currently the Honorary Colonel of 2 Canadian Air Division.


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