2022 Defence and Security Series


In Budget 2022, the Government of Canada announced the Department of National Defence will publish a review of its current defence policy, Strong, Secure, Engaged. We have asked experts to examine the directions the policy should take, given the current era of multipolarity and the geostrategic competition therein. The objective of this series is to help understand the modern threat environment, assess Canada's capabilities and needs, and provide recommendations for how Canada can address discrepancies across a broad spectrum of its defence and security tools as it updates its defence policy. The release of the articles included in this series will be ongoing throughout the summer of 2022.


Assessing Defence Resources for a More Dangerous World
by Ross Fetterly

Canada’s 21st Century Army: The Changing Context of Conventional War
by Denis Thompson

Defending the Continent: NORAD Modernization and Beyond
by Andrea Charron and James Fergusson

Diverse and Vulnerable: Disconnects in Cyber-security Governance of IoT
by Kristen Csenkey

Fixing Strategic Communications at National Defence Demands a Whole-of-Government Effort
by Brett Boudreau

Geo-economics in a Multipolar World: Rules of Engagement for the Small, Open Economy
by Dan Ciuriak

People First: Rethinking Personnel Policy
by Charlotte Duval-Lantoine

Rebuilding the Reserve Force
by C.P. Champion

Revitalizing Canada’s Visions for Space
by Jeff Dooling, Andre Dupuis, Scott Jones, James Peck and Neven Vincic

The Canadian Coast Guard: Enhancing Offshore Patrol Capability in a More Contested Commons
by Timothy Choi

The Many Shades of Canadian Deterrence
by Alex Wilner

When Deterrence Fails: Is NORAD Enough?
by Alan Stephenson

When Empty Promises are Literally Empty: Canadian Cyber-Defence Policy by Ad-Hoc
by Alexander Rudolph



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