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Policy Perspectives are a middle ground between research intensive Policy Papers and brief but topical op-eds and commentary. Similar to Policy Papers, Policy Perspectives are subject to rigorous review to ensure high quality research and analysis, however, to ensure timely distribution they do not undergo a double-blind review. They are produced by our fellows, staff and other subject matter experts and cover a wide range of topics, reflective of the Institute’s breadth of expertise.

2024 Policy Perspectives

A Match Made in Heaven: China-Russia Tech Co-operation and Canada’s National Security
by Casey E. Babb

Canada and the World: The Urgent Need to Invest in Canada’s Foreign Policy Tools
by Peter Jones and Philippe Lagasse

Canada Still Needs a Defence Industrial Policy
by Craig Stone

Canada’s Security Classification Framework: The Biggest Impediment to Realizing Our Digital Ambition
Ron Lloyd

Development, Adoption, and Integration of Artificial Intelligence: National Security Implications
by Rob Haswell

Digital Transformation and Pan-Domain: The CAF’s Quiet Revolution in Military Affairs
by Alexander Rudolph

Emerging Technology and Canadian Defence: From Strong, Secure, Engaged to Present
by Alexander Salt and Alex Wilner

Emerging Technology and Five Eyes: Implications for Canadian Defence
by Alexander Salt and Alex Wilner

First Person View (FPV) Drones and Canadian Defence
by Alexander Salt

Goodbye to the Hawk: A Quiet Extinction Event in the Royal Canadian Air Force
by Jeff Tasseron

Greenland gets its own Strategy for Foreign, Security and Defence Policy: Nothing about us, without us
by Jan Top Christensen

Hard Things Are Hard: Lessons for Complex Procurement Projects
by Ian Mack

How Much Should Canada Worry About Declining Crude Oil Demand?
by Joe Calnan

International Control Commissions: Canadian Diplomatic Pioneers in Southeast Asia
by Phil Calvert, Nick Etheridge, and Helen Lansdowne

Korea and Canada: Stronger Together for the Peace and Stability of the Korean Peninsula
by Sunghwah Ko

Military Organizational Change and Emerging Technology: Lessons for Canada
by Alexander Salt

Preserving Taiwan’s Status in the Indo-Pacific: Towards a Creative Approach
by Charlotte Duval-Lantoine and David Perry

Robust Military Procurement Reform Now
by Ian Mack

Taiwan’s Deterrence Equation: Calculating Gray Zone Strategies to Address China’s Assertiveness
by Dani Belo and David Carment

Taiwan’s Pivotal Role in Supply Chains in the Indo-Pacific: Protecting a Global Public Good
by Stephen Nagy

The China Factor in the Evolution of Cross-Strait Relations, 2024 and Onward
by David Curtis Wright

The Houthi Crisis and Lessons for Canadian Naval Air Defence
by Alexander Salt

Weapon System Cost Analysis in the Canadian Armed Forces
by Ross Fetterly

What Spending Two Per Cent of GDP on National Defence Means for Canada
by Paul Maddison, David Fraser, and John Scott Cowan


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