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Policy Perspectives are a middle ground between research intensive Policy Papers and brief but topical op-eds and commentary. Similar to Policy Papers, Policy Perspectives are subject to rigorous review to ensure high quality research and analysis, however, to ensure timely distribution they do not undergo a double-blind review. They are produced by our fellows, staff and other subject matter experts and cover a wide range of topics, reflective of the Institute’s breadth of expertise.

2021 Policy Perspectives

Advancing Trade with the Indo-Pacific: Canada’s Role in Welcoming New Members to the CPTPP
by Meredith Lilly

Afghanistan: Looking Back to Move Forward
by Joseph Ingram

Brave New World: Trends in Global Trade Governance
by Lawrence Herman

Canada in Afghanistan: A Testimonial
by Randolph Mank

Canada in the Indo-Pacific
by Stephen Nagy

Canada’s Active Cyber Defence is Anything But Active
by Alexander Rudolph

Canada’s China Challenge: What It Is and Isn’t
by Stephen Nagy

Confusion, Destabilization and Chaos: Russia’s Hybrid Warfare against Canada and its Allies
by Marcus Kolga

Comprehensive Culture Change in the CAF: From Buzzword to Actionable Items
by Charlotte Duval-Lantoine and Bibi Imre-Millei

Debt, Tech and Tension: Addressing COVID-19’s Global Fault Lines
by Randolph Mank

Does Canada Need a New National Security Policy?
by John Gilmour

Energy Security and Canadian Foreign Policy: A Role for Nuclear Energy
by John Barrett

Energy Security and the Road to Net Zero by 2050
by Monica Gattinger

Enhancing Taiwan’s Role in International Organizations
by Margaret McCuaig-Johnston

Forcing Internet Platforms to Pay Publishers for News Content: What about CUSMA?
by Hugh Stephens

Growing Canada-Taiwan Trade and Investment Co-operation
by Eric Miller

How Can Canada Best Defend its Security Interests in the Indo-Pacific?
by Eric Lehre

How Canada Can Prepare for the Quantum Threat
by Nina Bindel and Kristen Csenkey

How Can Canada Help Facilitate Taiwan’s Meaningful Participation in the Montreal-based International Civil Aviation Organization?
by Scott Simon

Joe Biden and Collective Security in Europe
by Benjamin Hautecouverture

Joe Biden, the U.S. and the Challenges of Iran and North Korea
by Benjamin Hautecouverture

Learning Lessons from Canada’s Foreign (and Domestic) Engagements: Time to get Serious
by Brett Boudreau, Howard Coombs, and George Petrolekas

National Defence and the Tyranny of Time
by Ross Fetterly

Oversight of Canada’s National Shipbuilding Strategy
by Ian Mack

Russian Cyber-Operations in Ukraine and the Implications for NATO
by Alexander Salt and Maya Sobchuk

Strategy and the Strategic Narrative in the Age of COVID-19
by Howard Coombs

Strengthening Engagement with Taiwan
by Jonathan Manthorpe

Structural Challenges Facing NATO to 2040
by Andrea Charron

Taiwan Demonstrates How We Can Defend Canadian Democracy Against Information Warfare
by Marcus Kolga

Taiwan’s COVID-19 and Pandemic Experience: What are the Lessons for Canada?
by Heidi Tworek

The Biden Administration’s North Korea Policy: A New Direction or Back to the Future?
by James Trottier

The Canadian Surface Combatant: Capability and Context
by Ron Lloyd and David Perry

The Canadianization of the Joint Support Ship: From Mature Design to a Unique Canadian Solution
by Douglas Campbell

The COVID-19 Pandemic and the Emergencies Act: If Not Now, When?
by Eugene Lang

The European Union’s Eastern Partnership: Bold Ambitions in a Troubled Region
by Joan DeBardeleben

The Next Chapter in the ‘America First’ Doctrine: The Joe Biden Era
by David Carment and Dani Belo

The Utterly Predictable Demise of Nation-Building in Afghanistan: Lessons for the Future
by Andy Hira

Ukraine: At Europe’s Strategic Crossroads
by Andrew Rasiulis


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Pourquoi la production de pétrole atteint un record (Why oil production is hitting records)

par/by Tiphanie Roquette (avec/feat. Kevin Birn), ICI Alberta, October 26, 2021

NATO still looking for ‘lessons learned’ on Afghanistan

by Murray Brewster (feat. Stephen Saideman), CBC News, October 23, 2021

North Korea, Iran nuclear deal and AUKUS nuclear sub update

by Ceasefire.ca (feat. James Trottier), Ceasefire.ca, October 22, 2021

Ontario’s top court signals support for Liberal’s justice reform bill

by Peter Mazereeuw (feat. Andrew House), The Hill Times, October 18, 2021


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