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Policy Perspectives are a middle ground between research intensive Policy Papers and brief but topical op-eds and commentary. Similar to Policy Papers, Policy Perspectives are subject to rigorous review to ensure high quality research and analysis, however, to ensure timely distribution they do not undergo a double-blind review. They are produced by our fellows, staff and other subject matter experts and cover a wide range of topics, reflective of the Institute’s breadth of expertise.

2020 Policy Perspectives

A War Plan to Fight the Pandemic
by Barbara Martin

An In-Service Support Opportunity
by Ian Mack

Canada’s Campaign for a Seat on the United Nations Security Council: The Historical Context
by Adam Chapnick

Canada, Huawei, and 5G: Has the COVID-19 Pandemic Changed the Equation?
by Hugh Stephens

Can the National Interest Be Served Through a Prisoner Exchange?
by Eugene Lang

Complex Project Delivery Capability Matters
by Ian Mack

COVID-19 and the National Security Transparency Commitment
by Wesley Wark

Financing Capital Assets: The Missing Link in Defence Procurement
by Vern Kakoschke

Health Intelligence, National Security and the COVID-19 Pandemic
by Wesley Wark

Lessons from COVID-19 for 5G and Internet Security
by Randolph Mank

Looking Ahead: Investment Disputes in a Post-Pandemic World
by Lawrence Herman

Planning for After the COVID-19 Pandemic
by Ross Fetterly

Post-COVID Canada Faces Challenges at Home and Abroad: Now is the Time to Act
by Andrew Caddell

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: A Foreign Policy Assessment 2015-2019
by Colin Robertson

Remise en cause fondamentale ou épisode passager: La fin des G-7 et G-20?
by Ferry de Kerckhove

RIP SSE: What the COVID-19 Pandemic Means for Defence Funding
by Eugene Lang

Security First in a Post-Pandemic World? Grey-Zone Conflict and Shifting Alliances
by David Carment and Dani Belo

The Canadian Armed Forces’ Response to COVID-19
by Denis Thompson

The G20 Today: Pandemic Disease, Climate Change, and the Need for a Rules-Based Order
by The Rt. Hon. Paul Martin

The Kingdom of Denmark: Battleground for Great Power Competition over Control of the Arctic Region
by Jan Top Christensen

The Normandy Negotiations Renewed: Divisions at Home and Opportunity Abroad
by David Carment and Dani Belo

The Pentagon’s Arctic Strategies Reveal the Benefit of a North American Approach
by Lindsay Rodman

Use it or Lose it: Corporate Over-Planning in the Air Force
by Ross Fetterly

What to Do About China: A Menu of Options
by Colin Robertson

Will COVID-19 Shift the Huawei 5G Debate to Economic Security and Global Competitiveness?
by Amy Karam


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