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Policy Perspectives are a middle ground between research intensive Policy Papers and brief but topical op-eds and commentary. Similar to Policy Papers, Policy Perspectives are subject to rigorous review to ensure high quality research and analysis, however, to ensure timely distribution they do not undergo a double-blind review. They are produced by our fellows, staff and other subject matter experts and cover a wide range of topics, reflective of the Institute’s breadth of expertise.

2022 Policy Perspectives

A Little More Spending and an Unnecessary Defence Review
by Wesley Wark

Afghanistan One Year Later: Canadian Strategic Lessons Identified and Not Learned
by Howard Coombs

Assessing Defence Resources for a More Dangerous World
by Ross Fetterly

Canada’s 21st Century Army: The Changing Context of Conventional War
by Denis Thompson

COVID-19 and Supply Chains: Incentivizing Resilience for Strategic Industries
by Amitendu Palit

Critical Minerals Supply Chains between Canada and the Indo-Pacific
by Donald S. Bubar and Zeeshan Syed

Defending the Continent: NORAD Modernization and Beyond
by Andrea Charron and James Fergusson

Diverse and Vulnerable: Disconnects in Cyber-security Governance of IoT
by Kristen Csenkey

Fixing Strategic Communications at National Defence Demands a Whole-of-Government Effort
by Brett Boudreau

Geo-economics in a Multipolar World Rules of Engagement for the Small, Open Economy
by Dan Ciuriak

If Only Warships Grew on Trees: The Complexities of Off-the-Shelf Defence Procurement
by Timothy Choi and Jeffrey F. Collins

Innovation in the US Department of Defence
by Alessandra Jenkins

Investing in Supply Chain Resilience in the Indo-Pacifc
by Kazuto Suzuki

It’s Time for Canada to be Bold: The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons
by Julie Clark

Oh Canada: A Canadian Risk Assessment of the United States
by Paul Rosenzweig

People First: Rethinking Personnel Policy
by Charlotte Duval-Lantoine

Rebuilding the Reserve Force
by C.P. Champion

Reforming the Office of the Ombudsman: Establishing Meaningful Oversight of the Canadian Armed Forces
by Charlotte Duval-Lantoine

Revitalizing Canada’s Visions for Space
by Jeff Dooling, Andre Dupuis, Scott Jones, James Peck, and Neven Vincic

Securing European Energy Security with a Transatlantic Energy Security Partnership
by Joseph Calnan

Securing European Energy Security with a Transatlantic Energy Security Partnership
by Joseph Calnan

Strategic Miscalculations Regarding Ukraine and the Failure of the Rational-Actor Model
by John Gilmour

Supply Chain Resilience in the Indo-Pacific: Building Mutual Beneficial Dependency
by Stephen Nagy

Supply Chain Resilience Key to the Future of a Global and Local Automobile Market
by Sarah Goldfeder

The Crisis in Ukraine: Pushing Back on Russia’s Demands for Security Guarantees
by John Barrett

The Many Shades of Canadian Deterrence
by Alex Wilner

The Uses and Abuses of Deepfake Technology
by Abby MacDonald

The World Trade Organization: Any Hope for Restoring Global Order?
by Lawrence Herman

What About Cyber-War? What We Have Seen and Not Seen in the Russo-Ukrainian War
by Abby MacDonald

What is Log4j and Why Did the Government of Canada Turn Everything Off?
by Alexander Rudolph

When Deterrence Fails: Is NORAD Enough?
by Alan Stephenson

When Empty Promises are Literally Empty: Canadian Cyber-Defence Policy by Ad-Hoc
by Alexander Rudolph


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