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Policy Perspectives are a middle ground between research intensive Policy Papers and brief but topical op-eds and commentary. Similar to Policy Papers, Policy Perspectives are subject to rigorous review to ensure high quality research and analysis, however, to ensure timely distribution they do not undergo a double-blind review. They are produced by our fellows, staff and other subject matter experts and cover a wide range of topics, reflective of the Institute’s breadth of expertise.

2023 Policy Perspectives

Accelerating the Energy Transition: Enabling Photovoltaic Solutions
by Joseph Ingram and Bernard Schutz

An Entrepreneurial State in Green Transition: Korea’s Energy Security and Canada-ROK Co-operation
by Sun Ryung Park

Assessment of the South Korea-U.S. Summit April 26, 2023
by James Trottier

Australian Defence Acquisition & Integration of Emerging Technologies: Insights for Canada
by William Richardson

Breaking the Glass Floor: CAF Culture Change Through Mentorship for Women
by Sandra Biskupski-Mujanovic

Canada’s Ambitious Relations with Indonesia: Hope vs. Reality
by Randolph Mank and Luthfi Dhofier

Canada’s Arctic Sovereignty: A People-First Perspective
by Emily Grant

Canada’s CPTPP Leadership in 2024: Managing the Rival Accession Bids of China and Taiwan
by Kristen Hopewell

Canada’s Indo-Pacific Strategic Engagement: Pivoting Towards Implementation
by Stephen Nagy

Canada’s Tariff Review: Not Woke, Broke
by Fauzya Moore

Canadian Implications in NATO’s Renewed Energy Security Role
by Andrew Erskine and Alexander Landry

Connecting Icebreakers to C4ISR: Ensuring the Canadian Coast Guard Doesn’t ‘Miss the Boat’
by Mark Whinney

Culture Change Beyond Misconduct: Addressing Systemic Barriers
by Charlotte Duval-Lantoine

Denmark’s New Foreign and Security Policy Strategy Meets Reality with ‘Pragmatic Idealism’
by Jan Top Christensen

Does Canada Need an Overarching Intelligence Review and Reset?
by John Gilmour

Facilitating Change: Recruitment, Retention, Integration and Inclusion in the Armed Forces
by Tara Zammit

From Nascent Technology to Canadian Defence Policy: Revisiting the Merits of a Connected Battlespace
by Kevin Budning, Alex Wilner, and Guillaume Côté

Getting Canada to a Wartime Footing: Clear Parameters are Required
by Christyn Cianfarani

Implementing North American Defence Modernization: Partnering for Success
by William Richardson

Innovating for Defence
by Geordie Jeakins

Linking the Mugunghwa and the Maple Leaf: Defence Technology Practices in South Korea and Strategic Opportunities for Canada
by Daniel Jacinto

Maligned Influence and Interference in Canada
by Dave McMahon

SSE’s Sequel: Critical Questions for Canada’s Defence Policy Update
by Geordie Jeakins

Semiconductors and Canadian National Security: Causes, Consequences, and Considerations
by Kevin Budning, Guillaume Cote, and Alex Wilner

Submarines: A Strategic Requirement in a Dangerous World
by Adam Lajeunesse

The End of the Social Justice Agenda
by Ian Brodie

The Race to Secure Sustainable Supply Chains: Why Canada and South Korea Ought to be ‘Best Friends’
by Amanda Doyle

Unlearning and Reflection: Educating Culture in the Canadian Armed Forces
by Marshall Gerbrandt

War in Ukraine: Nuclear Signalling, Coercion and Deterrence
by Benjamin Hautecouverture


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