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The Canadian Global Affairs Institute hosts 1-2 annual conferences in Ottawa around critical issues in Canadian defence and foreign policy. These conferences consistently attract high-calibre speakers, key policy makers, prominent academics, and a large number of the interested public. 

Listed below are links to the various conferences presented by the Canadian Global Affairs Institute and its partners. If you are interested in creating a conference event with the Canadian Global Affairs Institute, please contact us at


Other Conferences in which the Canadian Global Affairs Institute has participated: 



  • Halifax International Security Forum (November)
  • Seminar on Canadian – Norwegian Cooperation (November)
  • U.S. - Canada Sage Summit (October)
  • WCDIA Defence Review (July)
  • Defence Policy Review Roundtables (May, June)
  • The EU and Canada as Strategic Partners (May)
  • NATO Warsaw Summit and the Alliance’s Eastern Flank (April)
  • The Mackenzie Institute: Canada’s Defence Perspectives 2020-2050 (March) 
  • AFCEA Monthly Luncheon (March)
  • Ottawa Conference on Security and Defence (February)


  • SPP/CGAI: Military Procurement for a Purpose: Creating a New Defence Strategy for Canada (December )


  • NAFTA at 20 Years: Toward Greater Trilateralism? (Mar)
  • Canada First: Leveraging Defence Procurement Through Key Industrial Capabilities (Feb) 


  • Drone Week: Watch, Kill Aid (Dec 10-14th)
  • The Future of Fighting: How the Canadian Military Must Adapt (May -June ) 


  • Media and the Military Symposium – Operations Security and the Public’s Right to Know (Mar) 


  • G8 Conference of Senior Officials on Capacity Building (May)
  • The Strategic Studies and Security Consortium’s 12th Annual Student Conference – Strategy, Security & Defence (Feb) 


  • Blueprint for Canada-US Engagement under a New Administration 


  • Centre for International Policy Studies, University of Ottawa – Peacebuilding in Afghanistan: Taking Stock and Looking Ahead
  • Prague Security Studies Institute – Democracy and Security
  • Understanding the International Implications of Geopolitics and Economics in Iran 


  • Continental Defence Conference – Continental Defence: Policies, Threats and Architecture
  • Montreal Conference – Finding Common Ground: The Challenge of Freedom in the West and in the Muslim World 


  • International Reserves Conference – 10 Years Later: The Special Commission on the Restructuring of the Reserves
  • Prague Securities Studies Institute Conference – Business & Security 


  • International Reserves Conference – Homeland Defence and Land Force Reserves
  • Security and Defence Forum (SDF) Conference- Defence and Security Studies in Canada Today 


  • International Reserves Conference – Bridging the Gap: Reserve Forces and their Role in Civil Society

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Canada's State of Trade: Getting Our Goods To Market

May 17, 2018

On today's Global Exchange Podcast, we continue our series on the state of Canadian trade in a world of growing populism and protectionism. Today's episode, recorded during our February 13th State of Trade conference in Ottawa, features Bruce Borrows, Jennifer Fox, and David Miller in conversation with the Wilson Center's Laura Dawson about getting Canadian goods to international markets.


Between Trump, Iran and North Korea, Canada’s G7 has a high potential for chaos

by Chris Hall (feat. James Trottier & Colin Robertson), CBC News, May 18, 2018

The struggle Trudeau could face if Kinder Morgan walks away from Trans Mountain

by Robert Tuttle & Michael Bellusci (feat. Dennis McConaghy), Bloomberg News, May 18, 2018

Canada 'a laughing stock': Experts react to Trans Mountain indemnity

by April Fong (feat. Dennis McConaghy), BNN Bloomberg, May 18, 2018


with Danielle Smith (feat. Sarah Goldfeder), Global News Radio, May 18, 2018

VIDEO: NAFTA Deadline Day (@ 3:00)

with Don Martin (feat. John Weekes), CTV Power Play, May 17, 2018

VIDEO: Deal or no deal on NAFTA: Canada and U.S. send mixed messages

with Rosemary Barton (feat. Colin Robertson), CBC The National, May 17, 2018

Trump’s 'submission' strategy is not working so expect NAFTA talks to drag on

by Kevin Carmichael (Feat. Eric Miller), Financial Post, May 17, 2018

Backstop deal may be last hope for TransMountain pipeline, says former oil executive

by CBC News (feat. Dennis McConaghy), CBC News, May 17, 2018

Stuck with limited oil export options, Liberals may regret B.C. tanker ban

by John Ivison (feat. Dennis McConaghy), National Post, May 17, 2018

Feds OK early start to construction of navy’s new supply ships

by Lee Berthiaume (feat. Dave Perry), The Canadian Press, May 17, 2018


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