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2015 CDFAI Spring Symposium Agenda


1:30pm - 2:00pm 

Rideau Club, 99 Bank St, 15th Floor

As space is limited, please RSVP in advance via the online registration (click here). Inquiries can be directed to Lauren Essiambre at [email protected] or 613-288-2529. 

Panel 1: Russia, Ukraine and the West: What Role for Canada?


What does Russia's annexation of Crimea and continued support for secessionists mean for NATO and Canada? Are we really into a second Cold War? What role should Canada play in both the Baltic and Black Sea regions? Does the government's recent announcement of increases in the defence budget close the gap between what we now spend on defence as a percentage of GDP and the NATO guideline of two per cent? Is NATO as now constituted capable of guarding against Russian military power in eastern and central Europe‎?

Moderator: David Bercuson
Panelists: Abbie Dann, Roland Paris, Andrew Rasiulis, Elinor Sloan

Panel 2: Security in the Asia-Pacific Region: What Role for Canada


With the Trans-Pacific Partnership approaching the end game of negotiations, Canadian future economic interests – trade, investment, talent – increasingly turn to the Asia-Pacific region. Canada has a vested interest in regional peace and security, especially open sea lanes and air routes to move people and goods. Recent events – the U.S. pivot or rebalance in response to Chinese sabre-rattling in the North and East Pacific, the controversy over the Asian Investment Development Bank, threaten to upset the dynamism of what was to be the Asian century. What is the role for Canada and what can and should we do?

Moderator: Colin Robertson
Panelists: Marius Grinius, Randolph Mank, David Perry and Rob Wright 


5:00pm - 7:00pm

Rideau Club, 99 Bank St, 15th Floor

Speaker Biographies

David Bercuson: Director of Programs for the Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute, as well as Director of the University of Calgary’s Centre for Military and Strategic Studies.

Abbie Dann: Former Canadian Ambassador to Ukraine, Dann has also served as a trade commissioner to São Paulo, The Hague and New York, and Consul General in São Paulo.

David Perry: Senior Analyst with the Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute.

Roland Paris: Fellow with the Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute and Research Chair in International Security and Governance at the University of Ottawa.

Andrew Rasiulis: Fellow with the Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute, Rasiulis is a former National Defence analyst with postings as Advisor to the Canadian Delegation for Conventional Arms Control Talks, Section Head responsible for policy on Central and Eastern Europe, and Director, Military Training Assistance Programme.

Elinor Sloan: Fellow with the Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute. Sloan is a Professor of International Relations at Carleton University and a former defence analyst with the Department of National Defence.

Colin Robertson: Vice-President of the Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute.

Rob Wright: A member of the Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute’s Advisory Council, Wright has served as Canada’s Ambassador to both China and Japan, and has worked as the Deputy Minister for International Trade.

Randolph Mank: Former Canadian Ambassador to Malaysia, Pakistan and Indonesia. Mank also oversaw the Canadian civilian Task Force for Afghanistan and chaired the 2010 G8 working group, which collaborated with the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank on financing cross-border infrastructure development.

Marius Grinius: Fellow with the Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute, Grinius has served as Canada’s Ambassador to Vietnam, South Korea, and North Korea, as well as Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations and the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva.


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