2016 Policy Review Series



Foreign Policy Collection

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What should Canada be doing (and not doing) in ASEAN and Asia?
by Randolph Mank (bio) (Global Exchange Podcast)

Setting Priorities Given Finite Resources: National Interest Guidelines for Making Policy Choices
by Roy Rempel (bio) (Global Exchange Podcast)

L’idée de relancer le volet culturel d’une politique étrangère canadienne
par Émile Martel (Global Exchange Podcast)

Canada and the Middle East
by Thomas Juneau (bio) (Global Exchange Podcast)

Pluralism and Foreign Policy: An Opportunity for Canadian Leadership
by Jillian Stirk (bio) (Global Exchange Podcast)

What's Next for Canada's International Development Assistance?
by Darren Schemmer (bio) (Global Exchange Podcast)

How Should Canada Promote Democracy and Good Governance Internationally?
by Ross Reid (bio) (Global Exchange Podcast)

Can Canadian Mining Companies make a Difference in Africa?
by Andrew McAlister (Global Exchange Podcast)

What the USA Expects from Canada as a Reliable Ally
by Peter Van Praagh (Global Exchange Podcast)

Freedom of the Press: A Soft Power Focus for Canada
by Ian Brodie (bio) (Global Exchange Podcast)

Revitalizing Canadian Public Diplomacy
by Kevin D. O'Shea (Global Exchange Podcast)

Should Canada Revisit the Human Security Agenda? 
by Michael Small (bio) (Global Exchange Podcast)

Renewing the Arctic Dimension to Canada's National Defence Policy
by Joël Plouffe et al. (bio) (Global Exchange Podcast)

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Defence Collection


Click on "Defence Collection" above for a complete pdf, click essay titles for individual pdfs, and click 'bio' for additional author information and photo.

Foreword and Introduction
by David Bercuson (bio)

Defence Policy Review Considerations: Canada's Army
by Stuart Beare (bio)

Future Roles for the RCN
by Serge Bertrand (bio)

The RCAF and the Role of Airpower: Considering Canada's Future Contributions
by Alan Stephenson (bio)

Canada's Special Forces
by D. Michael Day (bio)

Reserve Options
by George Petrolekas (bio)

Fixing Procurement
by David Perry (bio)

Canada and Cyber
by John Adams (bio)

Making Canada's Role in NATO More Effective
by Julian Lindley-French (bio)

Canada's Space Policy and its Future with NORAD
by Andrew B. Godefroy (bio)

Realistic Peacekeeping Options for Canada
by Sarah Jane Meharg (bio)

Real and False Tradeoffs in the Defence Review: Size Versus Readiness, Not Hard Versus Soft
by Stephen M. Saideman (bio)

Canada's Security Role in Asia-Pacific
by Marius Grinius (bio)

Collaboration Amidst Complexity: Enhancing Jointness in Canada's Defence Instrument
by Doug Demptser (bio)

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An Update on the NAFTA Renegotiations

May 21, 2018

On today's Global Exchange Podcast, we touch base with CGAI's North American trade experts in light of a busy week on the NAFTA file in Washington. After months of hard-pressed negotiations, and 6 weeks of 'perpetual' discussions in Washington, the deal has reached its next turning point, with Congressional leadership signalling that they'd need a new deal by May 17th in order to have it passed before U.S. mid-term elections in the Fall. With no deal in sight, and the Congressional deadline now in the rear-view mirror, we sit down with Sarah Goldfeder, Laura Dawson, and Eric Miller to ask where we go from here.


Trump works to cut high-skilled visas in NAFTA deal

by Franco Ordonez & Anita Kumar (feat. Eric Miller), Miami Herald, May 21, 2018

Why killing Alberta’s carbon tax could kill Kinder Morgan pipeline

by Eric Collins (feat. Dennis McConaghy), CBC News, May 19, 2018

Why the NAFTA talks won’t end any time soon

by Kevin Carmichael (feat. Eric Miller), Financial Post , May 18, 2018


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