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Finding a Future for Israel & Palestine


February 4, 2019

On today's Global Exchange Podcast, we discuss the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, and the ongoing struggle for territory between Israel and the Palestinian states.

Participant Biographies:

  • Colin Robertson (host): A former Canadian diplomat, Colin Robertson is Vice President of the Canadian Global Affairs Institute.
  • Maureen Boyd: Director of the Carleton Initiative for Parliamentary and Diplomatic Engagement at Carleton University and a Senior Fellow at the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs.
  • Peter Larson: an independent researcher and blogger in Ottawa, Canada. His professional career included periods at the Public Policy Forum, the Conference Board of Canada, Le Droit, and as a consultant to labour unions and federal government departments and agencies.
  • Doug Dempster: a CGAI Fellow and Executive Director of the University of Ottawa’s Centre for Executive Leadership.

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  • Jim Benham
    commented 2019-02-06 17:13:01 -0500
    This is a facile discussion conducted by people who are too afraid to even hold Israel to the standards of Int’l law. Jews made up 6-8% of the population in greater Palestine 50 years before the UN created Israel. If Israel agreed to the 67 demarcation lines, the Jewish state would get 78% of the land to be divided. The Palestinians have made concessions on borders, settlements and Jerusalem and have intimated they will make a compromise on ROR. (Israel has made no concessions if int’l law is your metric.) Israel has never agreed to return to the 67 demarcation lines and refuse to abandon those settlements like Maale Adumim and Ariel & Shomron. The Palestinians at least deserve a contiguous state on 22% of land available. In fact, the Labour leader, Herzog, states publicly that Israel will never give up those settlements. That’s the left wing. Netanyahu states publicly, and in English, that he will annex the Jordan Valley and that the Pal’ns will never be given a soveriegn state. This conversation is ridiculous. Facile and tepid. Conducted by bureaucrats that are too afraid to censure a state that is guilty of war crimes and quite likely the crime of apartheid in the West Bank (see John Dugard ad hoc Judge to the ICJ argument.) Is anyone here prepared to call for sanctions on Israel and to rally some support to hold the Cdn government accountable for the cover its given Israel at the UN. The time for hand wringing is over.

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