The Canadian Global Affairs Institute sponsors publications that are written with the intent of promoting public dialogue on issues affecting Canada's  policies in the areas of foreign affairs, defence and security. Please also note that some of these reports are PDFs and require that you have Adobe's Acrobat Reader installed on your system.

2017 Papers

POLICY UPDATE: 2017 Defence Budget Primer
by David Perry

POLICY UPDATE: A Primer to the Brussels NATO Summit
by Colin Robertson

A Primer to the Trump-Trudeau Meeting
by Colin Robertson

POLICY PAPER: After the TPP: What’s Next for Canada in Asia?
by Hugh Stephens

POLICY UPDATE: Bad News for Defence: Budget 2017
by David Perry

POLICY PAPER: Beyond NORAD and Modernization to North American Defence Evolution
by Dr. Andrea Charron and Dr. James Fergusson

POLICY PAPER: Calling a Spade a Spade: Canada's Use of Sanctions
by Andrea Charron and Paul Aseltine

POLICY PAPER: Japan: Eternal Geography, Varied Responses
by Mathew Preston

POLICY UPDATE: Canada-US relations on the eve of Prime Minister Trudeau’s visit to Washington
by Ferry de Kerckhove

POLICY UPDATE: Canada and Mediation: Issues and Considerations
by Peter Jones

POLICY UPDATE: Domestic Income Fairness and Strategic Global one and the same?
by Hugh Segal

POLICY UPDATE: Growing the Defence Budget: What Would Two Percent of GDP Look Like?
by J. Craig Stone

POLICY UPDATE: It won’t come easy: Seven obstacles to a science diplomacy renaissance
by Daryl Copeland

POLICY UPDATE: Managing Trump: The Canadian Response
by Colin Robertson

POLICY UPDATE: The Nexus of Diplomacy, Sport, Politics and the Media: Parallels, Paradoxes and Pitfalls
by by Daryl Copeland

POLICY PAPER: Staying Ahead of Trump on Security Requires a Holistic Review of Canadian National Security
by Alan Stephenson  

POLICY PAPER: What Should Canada’s Aims be in Any Renegotiation of NAFTA? (Win)
by Sarah Goldfeder  



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4th Annual Defence Procurement Conference
October 26th, 2017
Ottawa, Ontario

David Frum - Speaker Series Dinner
November 15th, 2017
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Canadian sniper's shot 'entirely consistent' with non-combat role, Trudeau says
by Murray Brewster (feat. Ferry de Kerckhove), CBC News , June 27, 2017



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