International Trade Series


2018 International Trade Series Papers

The following papers are part of the Canadian Global Affairs Institute's 2018 International Trade Series: a collection of focused essays by key experts on issues most prominent for Canadian trade negotiations and agreements. Stay tuned for upcoming releases of the remaining essays through Winter 2018.   

A NAFTA-EU Economic Agreement: A Crazy but Ultimately Smart Idea
by Robert Hage
March, 2018

Africa: Shaping the “Canadian Way” on the Continent
by Andrew Caddell
March, 2018

Canada’s “Progressive” Trade Agenda: Let’s Be Careful How Far We Push It
by Hugh Stephens
January, 2018

Canada-U.S. Trade: An Enduring Relationship, NAFTA or Not
by David Bercuson
February, 2018

Canada–United States Trade Relations: Not Just NAFTA
by Stephen Blank and Monica Gattinger
February, 2018

Confusion and Opportunity: The Challenges of Canada’s Trade Negotiations
by John Weekes
March, 2018

Global Rules of Digital Trade: Can We Adapt Bordered Regulation for a Borderless World?
by Laura Dawson
February, 2018

Japan in the New, Unpredictable World of Trade: What’s in it for Canada?
by Ferry de Kerckhove
February, 2018

Reassessing Canadian Trade in Asia
by Randolph Mank
January, 2018

The Great Divergence: North America’s Trade Policies
by Sarah Goldfeder
February, 2018

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